Room tips

Each room is as unique and unrepeatable as the person living in it. This is the reason why the room suggestions should be carefully studied by a professional and directly addressed to a user. It is essential to know the person who will live in that place so as to be able to propose design alternatives which meet his/her needs and likes and to obtain results which contribute to his/her comfort. As a general rule, one has to take into account room orientation, sunlight and, of course, its original measures and architectural design as, for example, the location of circulation, window systems, differences in floor height, if any, roof height, etc.

In every case, it is important to include elements which are part of a whole in the rooms, thus avoiding the adding of individual elements which cannot merge harmonically in your environment.

It is also advisable to first choose the tones the room as a whole will have in order to carefully determine the elements which shall act as contrasts.