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Mogano Lifestyle. For every step you take.

Every step you take into a new room suggests the same idea. That a room is not just that. That behind its furniture and its objects, behind colors and lights, behind every spatial decision, lies a subtle yet palpable message. And in this message, brought forth by every present element, in perfect balance, is where the very secret of a room lies.

A room is a reflection of oneself. Of one´s aspirations. Of what one has achieved in one´s own life. Of every pleasure that has been discovered, of how one wishes to stand before the world. Of How one´s life is a unique, harmonious and surprising combination of the most varied and refined elements.

A room is a point of view. An original perspective, how one sees the world, and how one relates to it. Where you stand , how far into it you can look. All this is present in every single element.

A room, like a person, cannot ever be repeated. Because a room is someone´s projection. Every element that composes it is necessary and must be chosen carefully; a room is a whole that depends completely on the relatioship that is created among its parts. That very relationship is what makes it unique, original and memorable.

A room is a map. A walkthrough of one´s own life. Of the places where one has been, of the places that the future keeps in store. Places within and outside oneself which, nevertheless, make one unique from the rest.

A room always suggests a secret. It is a door into someone´s complex and deep universe. Every time this secret is enticing and seductive, when it´s understated rather than overstated, when it is not obvious yet present, the very room becomes a question mark that we wish to decipher. That is the ultimate effect a room can create.

A room. Yet so much more than a room.