Furniture care – Wood

General Care

  • If possible, avoid exposing your furniture directly to the sunlight. Direct and extended exposure to sunlight may cause variations in luster tones as time goes by. However, these variations are almost imperceptible.
  • Keep your furniture away from heaters, radiators and other sources of heat, at a distance of at least 50 cm.

How to clean your wooden furniture

  • To clean the usual dirt of your wooden furniture, just use a cloth slightly wet and then wipe with a flannel without rubbing.
  • To remove deeply rooted dirt, such as grease or oil stains, use multipurpose cleaners usually recommended for plastic and even glass surfaces.

Do not use

  • Abrasive cleaners or detergents. The use of products with silicones or products presented in the market as “furniture polishers” is not recommended.