Mogano presents in its space of Art: “To the South of the South–Antártida Argentina”, of Alberto Morales

Following images show Alberto Morales working in Antártida Argentina:

Camp in the Glacier in Esperanza Base

Working in Esperanza Base

Jubany Base

He shows his work.
Gallery of pictures:

To grow dark in Esperanza.
51×49 cm.
Acrylic collage with sand of Jubany Base
85×150 cm.
Storm in Esperanza 2 Acrylic on paper

To grow dark in Jubany
Oil Monocopy
60×80 cm
Fog in Sea of the Fleet.
85×150 cm. 
Mount in The South Shetland Islands
Oil Monocopy
60×80 cm

By means of this series of paintings, Alberto Morales is able to reflect this mysterious territory, through the employment of different technical, textures and tonalities, locating him once again as an artist of great prestige and constant growth.